Bespoke Tailoring

The jewel in the Healy & Son crown is without a doubt our bespoke tailoring service. We have worked tirelessly for the last decade or so to obtain the perfect balance of quality and affordability, firmly believing that true sartorialism should be attainable to as many gentlemen as possible.

The benefits of bespoke tailoring are virtually endless. There are no limitations in terms of cloth choice, style and cut, but further than this the combination of hand cutting to a personalised pattern, a canvassed construction, hand finishing and higher quality raw materials mean that the fit, attention to detail, longevity and overall quality far surpasses that of any ready-to-wear or made-to-measure suit.

Our history lies firmly in traditional West End (Savile Row) style tailoring, more specifically Military tailoring; Mr Healy (snr) originally apprenticed with Conway Williams, one of the few Military tailoring specialists of it’s time, and the primary Army tailors of the 20th century before they closed. Following it’s closure he was recruited by Hawkes of Savile Row before their merging with Gieves, becoming arguably the most iconic tailoring house in the world which still resides at the beautiful No.1 Savile Row. As such our house style is inexorably linked with that of the structured, military style of Conway Williams and Gieves & Hawkes; strong shoulder line, neat waist suppression and a preference for heavier cloths that cut and drape cleanly and sharply. This gives most of the garments we make a decidedly formal appearance, even if cut from a more casual cloth such as tweed, which adds some versatility to any wardrobe and keeps our clients looking sharp and well-dressed years after collection of their commissions.

Despite our decidedly formal style, we can design and create garments to any style, whether you are looking for the classic sharp lines of a West End styled two-piece, or the beautiful soft silhouette of a less structured, Neapolitan style cotton or linen suit.

We deal with most major cloth mills in the UK, and a number of luxury cloth mills from Italy. We can also cut from cloth supplied by our customers. For those that wish to do so, we can also commission bespoke weaving of cloth with a low minimum order length.

Our Bespoke service is split into two price points – “House Bespoke” and “Fully Handmade Bespoke”. Both services feature personalised pattern drafting, hand-cutting, canvassed construction, beautiful hand-sewn buttonholes and hand-shanked buttons, but the “Fully Handmade” service more closely follows the guidelines of the Savile Row Bespoke Association, adding all of the extra handwork that would be expected on a Savile Row bespoke suit such as a fully hand-padded lapel, hand edge stitching, hand-attached collar, hand attached linings to both the jacket and trousers, handmade trouser waistband etc – details that are beautiful and traditional but that don’t necessarily add to the fit or longevity of the suit.

Our House Bespoke service is by far our most popular service as it represents tremendous value-for-money. We’re confident that nowhere else in the UK can produce a handmade suit that fits and lasts like a Savile Row suit and will last just as long for the affordable price point that we offer. With the right care, our suits will happily still be going strong 30 or 40 years after their original fitting.

The starting price for a Healy & Son House Bespoke suit is approximately £1100, or approximately £1700 on Fully Handmade Bespoke, but does depend on cloth choice and the complexity of each commission.

Overall we are confident that the quality, attention-to-detail and affordability of our suits combined with our Savile Row pedigree makes Healy & Son the best value for money bespoke tailoring house in the UK. We are endlessly passionate about making that beautiful Savile Row aesthetic accessible to even the most modest of budgets, offering a timelessly elegant British style as a viable financial alternative to the high-fashion, ill-fitting throwaway garments offered by fashion boutiques, designer labels and high street made-to-measure tailors.