Shoe Shining

Shoe Shining

There is nothing quite like a proper pair of leather shoes. Sadly, in today’s throwaway society there is an increasing trend in people buying cheaper shoes made from synthetics and with cemented soles. These shoes are OK if they are only expected to last for a few wearings, but it is much more sensible to invest in a good pair of shoes made from high quality leather which are also goodyear welted. If looked after properly, a shoe like this will last decades.

Healy & Son not only offers top quality hand crafted leather shoes as described above in the form of our range of Northampton made Barker Shoes, but also a comprehensive shoe care service that covers nearly everything except re-soling, perfect to prolong the life of your shoes and keep them looking beautiful.

Our basic shoe service cleans, conditions and nourishes the leather and leaves the shoes with a handsome, subtle shine. We use mink oil and a high quality tonal cream polish to add colour and lustre, followed by light brushing with a high quality horsehair brush to add a light shine. We can optionally also add more depth of colour at this stage to the toecap and heel if desired. We can also supply a pair of wooden shoe trees to help maintain the shape of your leather shoes, to help prevent the leather from cracking if left unworn.

For a deeper level of shine, we also offer a glacage service. We use a high quality wax based polish to add layer after layer of colour and shine to the hard parts of the shoe using microscopic droplets of water to buff the wax, followed by further layers of harder mirror gloss wax for a supreme level of shine.

Please contact us prior to your visit to discuss your shoe care needs.