It is often said that a well fitted shirt makes the biggest difference to a gentleman’s wardrobe, and we can attest that once you’ve had a shirt made specifically for your body you will never go back to ready-to-wear.

The comment we hear possibly more so than any other regarding clothes fitting is “I struggle to find a shirt that fits me properly”, this is no surprise when you take into consideration that a shirt needs to be cut quite close to the body and has no structure to it whatsoever. Unless one is lucky enough to find a manufacturer that makes a shirt which just so happens to fit out of pure chance, then it can be a huge challenge to find a shirt that fits even remotely well. Even if a shirt can be found, it is not likely to be available in the range of styles and colours needed for a diverse wardrobe.

These facts coupled with the fact that a good quality ready-to-wear shirt can cost upwards of £100 on the high street (not taking into account potential costly alterations), means that it really is no wonder that more and more gentlemen are entrusting Healy & Son to make their shirts to their own specification.

With prices starting from as little as £125 for a bespoke Healy & Son shirt made from 100% Egyptian cotton, it really is the perfect introduction to bespoke clothing, which arguably makes the most noticeable difference.

As with our bespoke suits, we create a personalised pattern for each customer which not only takes into account their style preferences, but also every nuance of their body shape. No matter how many shirts are commissioned, we always start with one shirt first to ensure that the pattern is perfect before making your final shirts. Generally the timescale to the first fitting is about 4 weeks, plus a week or two for alterations if necessary. Once we have finalised your pattern we can turn shirts around in as little as three weeks.

We generally require a three shirt minimum order for your first bespoke shirt commission, however we do waiver this minimum when ordering a shirt with a suit. Once we have your pattern finalised then shirts can be individually ordered, or we are happy to offer a discount on orders of three shirts or more.